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Millbrook Market Navan

Dececco Spinaci Fettuccine N 310

Dececco Spinaci Fettuccine N 310

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Fettuccine all'uovo con spinaci, a tasty variation of the classic Lasagna all'uovo, are made with the addition of tender leaf spinach to produce fragrant, imaginative dishes packed with flavour.

Fettuccine are very versatile and so suitable for a variety of sauces. They are recommended in particular in pasta dishes with tomato and meat ragùs. They are also excellent for preparing fish-based sauces, especially shellfish.

Ingredients: Durum WHEAT Semolina, EGGS, Spinach

Preparation: Cooking time 13 minutes

Nutrition values 100g
Energy 1553kj / 367kcal
Fat 4.2g
 of which saturates 1.3g
Carbohydrates 65.2g
 of which sugars 2.2g
Fibre 3.8g
Protein 15.2g
Salt 0.13g
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